Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015

Chicago, Illinois -- This month marks the 100 year anniversary of the Eastland Disaster. We honor the following individuals who were amongst "The 844" victims who lost their lives that fateful day: Sullivan (Scully), Mary Elizabeth (age 23); Sulzman, Catherine (Mrs. Arthur); Swanson, Arthur J. (24); Swedin, John (47); Switala, Benedicta (24); Sykes, Harry D. (10); Sykes, Margaret (6); Sykes, William T. (35); Szalacinski, Mieczyslaw (Matthew) (17); Szymanska, Josephine (17); Taube, Herbert (24); Techajar, Albert (20); Tempinska, Anna (20); Theede, George (16); Theil, Louise R. (Mrs. Roy Cyrus) (28); Theis, Agnieszka (17); Theis, Klara (22); Thomas, Rose (21); Thommen, Caroline (20); Thommen, Emma (16); Thompson, Louise M. (19); Thoresen, Leif Edward (18); Thyer, Helen M. (9); Thyer, Henry H. (36); Tiedemann, Arthur (17); Tiedemann, Emily (Mrs. Henry) (42); Tismer, Elizabeth (24); Tismer, Ernest (18); Tismer, Herbert (14); Tismer, Minnie (16); Toellet, Herman (23); Toman, Bessie (17); Tonnesen, George Livingston (24); Tranckitella, Frank; Traznik, Ella (20); Trh, Bertha (24); Trogg, Charles W. (46); Trogg, Katherine (Mrs. Charles W.) (31); Tseuko, Michael (42); Turek, Albert (31); Turek, Alma (10); Turek, Edna (8); Turek, John E. (34); and Zitt, Charles (23).

Elizabeth Mueller and Sophie Heine planned to take their fiancés, twin brothers Charles and William (Bill) Zitt, to the Western Electric employee picnic and excursion. All four were going to take the first boat, the Eastland, but since Charles had planned to play baseball, his fiancée Elizabeth decided to take the second boat.

The morning of the picnic, Bill and Sophie were running late and missed boarding the Eastland. Charles ended up boarding the Eastland, and minutes later perished.

After losing Charles to the Eastland Disaster, Elizabeth never married. Elizabeth did remain close to the Zitt family, however. She was the maid of honor at Edna Zitt's wedding (Edna was the sister of Charles and Bill) and Edna was the godmother to one of Elizabeth's nieces. Bill and Sophie later married and had one child.