Chicago, Illinois -- The Eastland Disaster Historical Society (EDHS) is excited to announce that Drawn by the Current, written by Jocelyn Green and published earlier this year, is a finalist for the Christy Award. The Christy is the top award in Christian fiction.

Drawn by thw Current is a historical fiction novel that follows Olive Pierce and her best friend as they board the Eastland. Who survives the tragedy that follows? Who doesn't? The ensuing suspense begins a journey that includes investigations, sabotage, and revealed secrets, all while weaving in the historically accurate story of the Eastland Disaster.

Being a finalist for the Christy Award means that Drawn by the Current will gain a lot of new attention just for being a finalist, which means more people will hear about the Eastland Disaster.

Win or lose, congratulations to Jocelyn for her success and acclaim, with gratitude for helping share the history of the Eastland Disaster.

Signed softcover copies of Drawn by the Current are available in the EDHS Store.