Tuesday, Jun 21, 2016

Chicago, Illinois -- At EDHS, we get excited whenever there is news -- big or small -- about the Eastland Disaster in the media that reaches a mass audience. Today we have news to share that, while it may seem small on the surface, is really quite tremendous.

The City of Chicago recently released its new website to showcase the incredible new Chicago Riverwalk. The main sections of the new website encourage residents and visitors alike to "Play, Learn, Dine, Explore, and Listen" to the many activities along the new riverwalk, from Lake Street to Lake Michigan. Information about the Eastland Disaster (with an appropriate link to the EDHS website) can be found in the "Learn" section.

Why do we perceive this to be such big news? Because EDHS literally just found out about it! EDHS was not involved in working with the City to include the history of the Eastland Disaster in the riverwalk website, yet there it is for all to see who visit. This thoughtful, planned inclusion by the City of Chicago did not happen by accident, which to us means that it serves as testament to the importance and relevance of the Eastland Disaster (and also the legitimacy of EDHS).

For more than 100 years, thousands of families have kept the history of the Eastland Disaster alive. Not only do we have a new riverwalk, but we also have the City of Chicago as a partner to the families in preserving and sharing the history of Chicago's greatest loss-of-life tragedy. Learn more at the riverwalk website.