Thursday, Mar 3, 2016

Chicago, IL -- Many of you had the opportunity to meet and listen to the 12 authors/artists that assembled during last year's 100th Anniversary Commemoration weekend. Today we are pleased to announce that author Deby Eisenberg (pictured left with EDHS co-founder Barbara Decker Wachholz) has now joined this list of talented writers who have created a work that includes the Eastland Disaster.

Protecting Paige is a compelling, multi-layered historical fiction novel. Set in the early 1960's, Paige has just discovered that her family's legacy appears in the headlines, beginning with the 1915 Eastland Disaster. With many of the chapters in her book being written about the Eastland Disaster, Deby took creative license to develop her own characters who were both victims and survivors of the tragedy while staying as true to the facts as possible.
Deby's book joins the two most recently published books about the Eastland Disaster including Ashes Under Water by Michael McCarthy and Sylvia's Story/Song by Sue Barwick, Mary G. Furlong, and Kelly Barwick. All three titles are available at (with Ashes Under Water also being available through the merchandise page of the EDHS website).
We wish Deby the best of luck in her endeavors, and are excited to see the Eastland Disaster woven into another published work.