The History

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

“ALL THAT WEEK IT WAS JUST LIKE TEARS FALLING FROM THE SKY. It was cloudy and dreary, and the shops were closed down and everyone was mourning.” -- Frank Blaha

On Sunday, the day after the Disaster, hundreds of professionals gathered to provide care in the aftermath. Representatives were dispatched to families' homes, emergency relief stations were opened, and social service agencies sent reports to nurses.

The first week of the aftermath was devoted to helping victims' families bury their loved ones. Many of these distraught families needed assistance in arranging undertakers, cemeteries, and churches.

After one week had passed, the majority of the perished were identified and buried. Emergency stations were closed, but relief work continued through Polish, Bohemian and German Relief Committees on behalf of those families. Plans were being quickly put into place for obtaining the necessary information to quickly disburse funds to employees families.